PowerJack-STB Wireless Power Solution

PowerJack-STB Wireless Power Solution

  • POWERJACK is BSI’s new innovation patented product.
  • New technology wireless power supply and signal transmission effectively solve the traditional electronic locks power supply and access control system wiring problems.
  • Environmental protection and energy saving device, to avoid the waste caused by tradition cabling way and to minimize the usage of disposal batteries.
  • The only solution providing smart control, economic power supply, environmental protection and energy saving.

For all kinds of doors: Wooden door, aluminum or steel door.

  • Minimal maintenance - no other exposed moving parts
  • Flexible - It can be install on hinge side, latch side or on top of door
  • Time/ cost effective - no longer require door core drilling


Door Position Status

  • Provide 1 x door status (Door Side) & 1 x error ststus (Frame Side) out put
  • Second Power Source at door side
  • Status indicator LED for both side


Power Supply Wirelessly

  • Works on a gap space up to 7mm between each unit 
  • Allow with horizontal dislocation up to 2mm, vertical dislocation up to 2mm


  • Low standby current electronic lock application. It can operate lock / unlock action.
  • Power output 12 VDC / 500mA
  • Smart monitoring: overheating, low current, metal part interference - error status output





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